Why you should go to The Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis on March 31st

“Cause I was on the verge to scream when you wouldn’t scream about anything” – Ghosts by On An On

       Music is about the art of story telling. If you choose a compelling storyline and add the right details into a song, you will have a masterpiece. People will put it on repeat and listen to it over and over again basking in the feeling it left them with. Miss a vital part of the story, or leave emotions out of the mix and you have another song that sits unplayed in the endless sea of iTunes.

       We listen to music because we want to feel something. We want to connect to something from our past, reach for a desired state of mind, find a song that speaks the words we cannot find, or go on a journey we’ve never yet taken… You name it, and we want to relate. Musicians have the opportunity to use their words, their sounds, and even their silences to pull us into the world of their song to bring us on that emotional ride. The Minneapolis/Chicago based band ON AN ON has the ability to do exactly that. Whether the storyline is familiar or foreign, I feel myself being lured into their songs.

       ON AN ON’s members: Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing are all Minnesota based, which makes me immensely proud. This trio has toured the world and will be coming home for a show. My husband and I already have our tickets. If you have ears and enjoy music you should purchase them too! Their band was previously named Scattered Trees and they broke up several years back. When they reunited in 2012 as ON AN ON I fell in love. Their new sounds are far from mundane or unoriginal; It’s quite the opposite. I would describe their sound as inviting, intriguing, detail oriented, even poetic. The categories I would group them in are Indie and Ambient. Although they are completely unique, if I had to compare their sound to someone else’s, I would call them a toned down version of Radiohead and The Killers, with a little of Bon Iver, and throw in a folk feel for their story telling abilities.

       I also find great pleasure in promoting this band because of my personal story with one of the members. Nate Eiesland, the lead singer of the trio is from my hometown. He is quite a few years older than me and happened to be the heart throb of the church I grew up in. I distinctly remember him heading out on a missions trip to London alongside many others including my sister. They were around the age of 16 and I was at the young age of 10. As they were about to board their plane for London I was begging my cool older sister for a hug. In true older sister fashion (because I really was embarrassing) I got the cold shoulder as she walked away to board the plane. A moment later, my little girl dreams came true as Nate himself said “awe, don’t worry, I will hug you”, and did just that. The stars aligned as it happened, and my little girl world was made.

       Now, I am a happily married 25 year old who has a memory that brings an innocent smile to my face. So, with that memory in mind, I can’t help but support this band and their singer who made my day. It also helps that their sound is so compelling 😉

Their show will be held at The Fine Line Music Cafe in Downtown Minneapolis on March 31st.

The doors open at 7:00pm with the show starting at 8:00pm.

Tickets can be found at http://www.etix.com/ticket/online/performanceSearch.jsp?performance_id=2494742&cobrand=first-avenue and go for $15.00 for general admission or $30 for reserved balcony seating. They will be playing alongside Chappo and Big Data (Big Data is the headliner and so you should purchase these tickets).

I hope you all attend and enjoy it as much as me. Need a bit more convincing? Then keep reading.

Why you should attend ON AN ON’s show on March 31st:

1. It gives you a chance to up your cool factor 😉

ON AN ON is mainstream enough but still under the radar. Don’t you hate that moment when you realize the band you have loved for years just got insanely trendy and you are no longer different for liking them? Well this band is just trendy enough to be loved, but not so big that you will loose your cool factor. (Admit it, we all like to feel superior from time to time)

2. It gives you a chance to “shop local” 

I am a big believer in shopping local. I live in a town with individually owned shops, I lean toward locally owned restaurants, and I want to help support the arts that come out of my state. If we lived in a world with only big corporations, chain stores, and pop music then all individuality would be gone. Be loyal to the people trying to offer you a variety of unique products and services.

3. It gives you a reason to go downtown

I love living in a suburb, but find myself going to downtown Minneapolis less and less. This makes me sad. The only reason we have suburbs is because the city is there. When I am excited about Minneapolis I say “it’s only a 20 minute drive!” When I’m less excited, I complain to my husband because it’s really closer to 40. Make the drive. An adventure is always worth it. If you are coming from farther away, and the thought of driving downtown is intimidating, then take advantage of our light rail system. Park in a suburb and ride the rails into the city for your adventure.

4. Because they are a really great band

ON AN ON got special mentions on MTV.com and TEENVOGUE.com. How did they come up with this original sound, you ask? Well, try having some leftover studio time that you want to use from when your first band broke up. They went to the studio without any specific sonic goals and they came up with something short of musical genius. Thus began ON AN ON. If you go to a studio with very few ideas, and come up with this, your career will be golden. Check out their songs, The Hunter & Ghosts.


5. And maybe, just maybe, you need a night away from the kids

Enough said.


Check out a preview of their new song which was recorded at Sunset Sound in sunny Los Angeles with legendary producer Joe Chiccarelli (Spoon, White Stripes, The Shins, My Morning Jacket). The first preview into ON AN ON’s second coming is the hauntingly suspenseful “Drifting”, inspired by falling asleep behind the wheel and trying to forget unforgettable things.


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